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TIP is a member-led, non-profit group that offers structure for members to review, analyze, invest in, and monitor investment opportunities. Group operational costs are funded by membership dues. TIP partners with other lead investors for highly-vetted, quality deal flow. We decide whether to invest through our group analysis and due diligence. Each individual member retains discretion over investment. Co-investing offers flexibility in check size while also reducing risk and deal expenses. TIP members invest funds through a limited liability corporation (LLC) or special purpose vehicle (SPV) per deal. Each unique investment deal's associated costs will be shared among participating investors.

TIP is a member of Angel Capital Association (ACA). Our founder is a member of Women in Venture-Houston Chapter. TIP also works closely with other national angel networks, local incubators, and investment associations that align with our investment strategy.


  • Currently building our membership: our small group setting creates balance for investment discussion, learning & analysis. 

  • TIP is a round-table working to build financial wisdom.

  • Deeper dive into deals, investments, and discussion beyond small talk. No dumb questions. Confidentially share and receive tactical information, insider strategies, and insights and access to new opportunities in investing. 

  • Learn together as an investment group with actual deal flow and analysis.

  • Not limited to start-ups. Interest includes additional diverse asset classes, such as: real estate, private equity, and venture capital funds.

  • Not limited to Houston for prospective members.

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