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Membership process and fees will be discussed with potential members upon application.

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  • An investment pledge of $25K per year, with a $5K per deal minimum per member

  • Investment goal for each member is discretionary not required.

  • Active members participate in the decision-making and investment processes of the group

  • Eligible to serve on TIP committees 

  • Active members must be accredited investors


  • Advisory members offer specific expertise, resources, strategic thinking, and diversity. 

  • Unbiased insights and ideas to add to the investment group's operations and interests

  • No investment pledges. Advisory members are not required to be an accredited investor 

  • Eligible to serve on TIP committees


  • Apprentice members apply with an interest in learning about investing and becoming active in TIP's investment process. Yearly investment pledge is not required.

  • Apprentice members may not be accredited investors but anticipate reaching accreditation status in the following 24 months

  • Apprentice members have full access to all group activities

  • Member is not eligible to serve on TIP committees

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